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Ever since Laura can remember, she has always been around and loved cats. Her grandmother, a great animal lover, was very influential in teaching her to love and care for them and how to read their body language. Laura grew up in Milan, Italy and started cat sitting when she was in primary school for her neighbour, who was a journalist and would go away on frequent business trips or holidays. Laura would care, initially with her grandmother and subsequently on her own, for her neighbour’s beautiful black cat Duchessa. Growing up, Laura had many beloved pets, including cats, rabbits, fish, a duckling, and Californian terrapins (one of which grew so big that had to be given in adoption to the Civic Aquarium of Milan). Currently, Laura has a cat named

Max and a tropical fish aquarium and loves feeding the hedgehogs and many birds that visit her garden. Laura has two grown up daughters, she is a school librarian and has volunteered for many years in the past as a first aider, both with the Green Cross (emergency ambulance service) in Milan and St. John Ambulance in Cambridge.

Laura has successfully completed the following courses:

Level 3 Award in Cat Anxiety and Stress (CPD Certified), achieving a Higher Distinction

Level 3 Award in First Aid for Kittens and Cats (CPD Certified), achieving a Higher Distinction


Chloe, in addition to caring for cats,  is a self-employed part time freelance groom and Equine Sports and Rehabilitation Massage therapist at C J Equine Services . Chloe has been an avid animal lover since she was a child, growing up with her grandparents' dog and beginning horse riding at the age of 9. She has also been around cats from a young age. Chloe’s current cat, Jet, has kidney disease, so she is experienced in monitoring any changes in feline behaviour or health. Jet came into Chloe’s life after two new cats moved in across the road. They regularly came to visit Chloe, and one had kittens! Chloe helped with the arrival of three beautiful tuxedo kittens (one of those being Jet).


Laura and Chloe are assisted by

Sarah, Alice, Nick, Sarah H, Anna, Aidan, Josephine, Liliana, Stephanie and Cecily;

 a small team of experienced, DBS checked,

reliable and trustworthy cat loving sitters.

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