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We tailor our visits to your cat's personality and needs. Our 30-minute visits involve:

  • Providing fresh food and water

  • Administering medication (including insulin injections)

  • Washing food and water bowls

  • Checking/cleaning/refilling the litter tray

  • Basic grooming

  • Playtime and lots of affection

  • Tailoring our visits to your cats' need and personality

If there is something specific your cats need that isn't on our list, get in touch and we'd be happy to help.

Cat Close Up
Sleeping Kitten


We take good care of your home too and we will:

  • Clean up any mess made by your cat and leave your home as tidy as you left it

  • Ensure your house is secure. We can open/close curtains and switch on/off lights if required, to enhance your home security

  • Gather your mail in a neat pile

  • Wheel bins in/out on collection day

  • Water a reasonable amount of plants​

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